My other projects in .pdf format:


How to fabricate a chassis from copper clad PCB material

uBITx chassis fabricated from pcb material

Flat style PCB chassis for the W8DIZ 1 Watter

Repackaged KD1JV MTR v2

Small transmitting magnetic loop antenna (30m-10m)

Paraset Spy Radio replica project

PC board holder you can build

2.5GHz Helical wi-fi antenna project

How to drill a round hole in sheetmetal

Modifying an HP t5720 Thin Client into a standalone computer

A Micro-Solder Pot

Chassis decorating

SLA battery w/solar charging for portable operations

Homemade SMD component placement device

Video of making homemade pc boards

Original SST Manual

Original Tin Ear Receiver manual

DIY GK-B5 Geiger Counter and SBT-11 probe

QRPLabs QCX fabricated chassis

TCXO 10/5/2.5MHz Frequency Standard


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